Here’s another article and list of writing prompts from my freelance writer, Emily – Enjoy!   Are you ready to write a short story but don’t know how to start? No problem. I have compiled a list of 7 short story writing prompts for the week, that will help you easily put pen to paper and write the best… Read More

  For many years, fairy tale stories have delighted people in the form of novels, short stories and movies. This unique type of story has certain features that make it what it is; you know you are reading a fairy tale story when:   It starts with “Once upon a time”, ” Long ago, in… Read More

  Having had a couple of weeks off writing for The Busy Writer’s Notebook, I want to jump back in with some more writing prompts, to help you get started writing, or for when you feel halted within your writing. Today, I’ll look at some interesting and different romance story ideas which you can use… Read More

Christmas Writing Prompts

  Christmas is almost upon us, and I hope you’re managing to keep up your writing practice throughout the holidays. This can be a hard time for many of us and is most definitely a pretty busy time, so I just wanted to give you a few ideas to help you to keep up your… Read More

  This week I wanted to give you a set of Halloween Writing Prompts to inspire some spooky stories for this month, considering there are a few Halloween themed writing competition’s around. I was hoping to provide you with some original writing prompts, but I have to admit, that after much brainstorming, horror type prompts… Read More

  This week I want to start getting into genre focused writing prompts, and I am going to start with Romance Writing. There is a lot of interest in romance novels, be it reading or writing them, and you must find a way to keep your writing fresh and your readers interested. Throwing different prompts at… Read More