About EricaHi, my name is Erica, and I’ve been writing on and off since I was in grade school, so for about 30 years.


I’ve always struggled with managing life and time with my writing, and have had to deal with the usual problems and issues a writer or ‘wannabe writer’ struggles with. Throughout my years I have studied numerous creative writing courses and books on writing and writing craft, learning and condensing what I’ve learnt into simple steps, which I can follow in my short periods of writing time.


A year ago I had my first child, and although I haven’t been published, I desperately want to keep writing, and still dream big; about getting published, and now, publishing myself, due to the abundance of support and information about publishing online.


I created this site because I wanted to share what I’ve learnt about writing smart, writing fast, and provide some inspiration from parent writers and part-time novelists, who do manage to keep a family, a life, and still find time to be a successful writer. Writing was my first love. But now I have my daughter and my fiancé,  and I want to find and share ways to ‘have it all’. I also wanted to find an online source of income, while I’m a stay at home mum, and creating this site – writing each week about a topic that is so important to me – is an exciting way to perhaps achieve that.


I’d love this to be an open community of ideas, so please feel free to comment, and add any ideas, inspiration and anything that’s worked for you. And if you ever need any help or feedback about your own writing path, I’d love to connect, so please leave a comment below, or send me an email. I will continue to update this site regularly with information and advice that I find helpful, so please stop by again soon.


Happy Writing 🙂




Founder of The Busy Writer’s Notebook


email: erica@thebusywritersnotebook.com

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