There are a few story idea generators out there, and today I wanted to give you a handy list with all the best ones. This week, I’m focusing on Romance. That’s right, romance… Aka love stories. This is a very popular genre that people love to write in or give a… Read More

When it comes to story ideas, there are an unlimited number strategies in coming up with them because writers are highly creative by nature. After writing one or two stories, you will naturally discover new methods to birth ideas for your subsequent stories.… Read More

With the hustle and bustle of everyday events, keeping a journal has numerous health benefits and is an effective way to clear your mind, boost creativity, improve memory, and generally keep track of how well you are doing.… Read More

  The beginning of a story is essential, and in terms of getting published, the beginning is the most crucial part of the whole story. How you begin, determines whether the editor or reader’s level of captivation and will determine whether or not they read on. Ideally, your beginning should spring the expectations of the… Read More

  So, you’re finished your Nanowrimo novel or you’re pretty close to finishing. You’re probably thinking now – what do I next? What am I going to do with this hunk of manuscript that I’ve been slaving over for the past month?  … Read More

  In case you are late to the party and still want to join up; it’s definitely not too late, depending on your commitment and time availability.   If you are just starting now, I’d recommend starting with a high daily word count, and almost so a reverse word count for the rest of the… Read More

  You’ve signed up for Nanowrimo, you’ve finished preparing your outline…   But how do you guarantee you reach your daily word count to win Nanowrimo by the end of November?   There are three things you should do ensure your success: Commit Show up Write   And don’t worry – we are all short… Read More