My goal for this website to provide helpful advice and ideas to get writers with children and other part-time or busy writers writing more, and writing more productively.


Get writing again through exercises and prompts

One of the best ways to get writing again, or to get writing quickly when you have a short space of time available, is by writing to a specific exercise or prompt. In this section, I will provide a variety of general prompts and then more specific prompts that relate to all aspects of creative writing, from character specific exercises, to plot and structure related exercises; and exercises related to the various forms of creative writing, from short story to the novel, and occasionally exercises that are applicable to screenwriting, and writing for television. There will also be short exercises and prompts available to get the juices flowing, and longer exercises for when you might have more time available.Writing Exercises


I will also include some of my favourite writing exercises from other sources, along with references and links.


Writing Workbook in progress…

My end goal is to provide a list of exercises, that if one follows, will eventually lead to developing and writing your novel or short story, or treatment and plot points for a screenplay. I love the idea of workbooks, and having a template to follow; at least for when I’m starting a project, just to give me some sort of framework or ‘map’ to follow. But I understand that this may not be for everyone.


There are many ways to approach writing, and structuring and plotting a story. And the best advice I could give in this regard is to just try different things, and develop what is right for you; be it following a list of exercises and prompts, or developing a plot point or scene list and writing from that, or just free writing straight from the hip.


What will follow is sometimes right for me. Sometimes I follow this, but other times I branch off and try free writing. Occasionally, I’ll try to find some new strategy altogether, and usually, I’ll find some new course or book to invest my time in, instead of just sitting down and writing. This is my way of procrastinating. But at least having fun and stimulating writing exercises and prompts on hand to begin, has helped, more often than not, to avoid procrastinating and start taking action, and making the most of my most precious spare time.


Tell us what works for you?

If you have an exercise or prompt that is a favourite and think others would benefit from, please share below; I would love to hear what works for you 🙂

2 comments on “Exercises and Prompts

  • Love this! Reading about writing prompts reminded me of when I used to teach 5th Grade, and my students (and I) really enjoyed Creative Writing. I found the kids often wrote best when I just told them “you are NOT being marked, don’t worry about spelling or penmanship, just keep writing, and have fun.” I’d start them off with a sentence (for example… “My Dad told me it was a Magic ShoeBox… and he was right, because when I opened the lid…”) and then we’d all just write quietly in a notebook (sitting wherever felt “inspiring” to them… under desks, on the floor, by the window, etc.) and see what we could come up with. Sometimes I’d have them choose their favorite “Blurb” (as we called them), and develop it further, but usually we’d just share a few, and move on.
    We would write for 5 mins every few days this way, and it was wonderful seeing what developed for some of my kids! Practicing writing skills really does help!
    All the best with your website! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

    • Thank you for your comment – I love hearing from teachers and their experience with creative writing. My love of writing grew directly from the exercises I used to do as a child in class:) as well as reading every book I could get my hands on:) I still have my little handmade books of my collected stories all typed out lol. I’ve just been looking for new prompts and information for the beginning writing, and I keep coming across great resources from the educators around the world. They are able to simplify ideas and concepts so well. I think as adults, we over complicate things quite often. I’d love to utilize some of these resources, but am not sure how some adult readers might feel :/
      I love your personal quote – it’s so true – once the editor and all judgment is taken away, it’s so much fun and easier to create 🙂
      Thanks again for your comment – hope to see you back here soon

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