The beginning of a story is essential, and in terms of getting published, the beginning is the most crucial part of the whole story. How you begin, determines whether the editor or reader’s level of captivation and will determine whether or not they read on. Ideally, your beginning should spring the expectations of the… Read More

  Having had a couple of weeks off writing for The Busy Writer’s Notebook, I want to jump back in with some more writing prompts, to help you get started writing, or for when you feel halted within your writing. Today, I’ll look at some interesting and different romance story ideas which you can use… Read More

Christmas Writing Prompts

  Christmas is almost upon us, and I hope you’re managing to keep up your writing practice throughout the holidays. This can be a hard time for many of us and is most definitely a pretty busy time, so I just wanted to give you a few ideas to help you to keep up your… Read More

Top 5 Writing Gifts

  Last week, I wrote a post about the best 18 gifts to give your writer-friend/family member for Christmas. But in this short post, I want to give you the top 5 writing gifts you could gift yourself, as a writer, this Christmas.   This page contains copious affiliate or referral links, which means I… Read More

It’s been a while coming, but I am finally ready to write my review on Katharine Grubb’s book, Write a Novel in Ten Minutes a Day. Why has it taking me so long? Well, firstly, I was trying write my novel following her methodology, and then I got a bit sidetracked by NaNoWriMo. But here… Read More

  So, you’re finished your Nanowrimo novel or you’re pretty close to finishing. You’re probably thinking now – what do I next? What am I going to do with this hunk of manuscript that I’ve been slaving over for the past month?  … Read More

  In case you are late to the party and still want to join up; it’s definitely not too late, depending on your commitment and time availability.   If you are just starting now, I’d recommend starting with a high daily word count, and almost so a reverse word count for the rest of the… Read More