Just a quick post today — as you might have noticed, I just LOVE Holly Lisle’s writing classes. I’m actually super gutted I’ve found them so late in my life, as they are really helping me achieve some major writing goals (in particular, actually finishing stuff.) With this site, I wanted to give you… Read More

Technical Writing Exercises

  Now, one thing which I am completely guilty of is being slack with keeping up with completing any writing exercises whatsoever and even writing about writing exercises here, on this website. But a recent article called Woodshedding for Writers by Peter Derk has got me thinking about them again, and about how important they… Read More

time management for writers

  A great way to save time each day is by having a great meal planning system in place. Today I will walk through – quickly, of course – a few options that you could do well to invest in, to help reduce time wasted on shopping, meal preparation and cooking. I will focus on… Read More

A Wealthy Affiliate Testimony

Within my personal writing vision, I see the ‘5 years in the future Me’; working from home and supplementing my partner’s income, achieving this through my numerous published works 😉 and my website The Busy Writer’s Notebook.   So today and every day, I take action with a proven strategy, so my husband can finally work in… Read More

8fit App Review

Trying to free up some extra time and increase my creativity, I’ve decided to invest more time into exercising and getting fitter. It might not seem too applicable, but if you are trying to free up time in your day to write, and you are an avid exerciser, you could be wise in looking at… Read More