Great Writing Exercises

  In my search for this week’s writing prompts, I started thinking about my writing exercises post from a couple of weeks back. This post had a lot of positive feedback, so I wanted to follow up and give you another couple of good resources for writing exercises. Recently, I have been favouring a few in particular; the Writer’s Digest… Read More

Technical Writing Exercises

  Now, one thing which I am completely guilty of is being slack with keeping up with completing any writing exercises whatsoever and even writing about writing exercises here, on this website. But a recent article called Woodshedding for Writers by Peter Derk has got me thinking about them again, and about how important they… Read More

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Header Image: Copyright: Image by StockUnlimited   I am putting together an article on the importance of technical writing exercises, the importance of which, has recently been reasserted to me. In the meantime, I wanted to put out a list of writing exercises instead of my weekly prompts list. This is one area, in which… Read More