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I am putting together an article on the importance of technical writing exercises, the importance of which, has recently been reasserted to me. In the meantime, I wanted to put out a list of writing exercises instead of my weekly prompts list.

Fiction Writing Exercises

This is one area, in which I’ve definitely fallen behind; honing my writing craft by practising writing exercises, and I want to fix this, starting today and this week.


Here are a few writing exercises to get us all started, from a few of my favourite writing craft books, I hope you find them interesting and challenging:)


Loose Instructions:

Take writing exercises seriously, and as John Gardner puts it “avoid the cheap, obvious, and corny” (from The Art of Fiction). Work for 10 – 15 minutes, at least, or whatever you have time for. But remember, to also make time for daily story writing.



Exercise 1 – Monday

Describe a lake as seen by a young man who has just committed murder. Do not mention the murder (from The Art of Fiction, Gardner, Exercise 4b, page 203).


Exercise 2 – Tuesday

Write five arresting opening sentences (from So You Want to Write, Joan Rosier-Jones, Exercise 19).


Exercise 3 – Wednesday

Write a story from a child’s point of view (from So You Want to Write, Joan Rosier-Jones, Exercise 28).


Exercise 4 – Thursday

Observe someone you don’t know. Create a life for them (from So You Want to Write, Joan Rosier-Jones, Exercise 63).


Exercise 5 – Friday

Find a photo online, in your photo library, or in a photo album. Pick the first one that strikes you. No matter who it is, describe how they are feeling, using all your and their senses.


Exercise 6 – Saturday

Write the opening paragraph for a serious gothic tale (from The Art of Fiction, Gardner, Exercise 2, page 197).


Exercise 7 – Sunday

Write a fabulous story using anything you need (from The Art of Fiction, Gardner, Exercise 30, page 206).



I hope you found these writing exercises stimulating this week. Do you use exercises regularly? What are some of your favourites? Please leave your feedback below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



Happy and Productive Writing,







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