There are a few story idea generators out there, and today I wanted to give you a handy list with all the best ones. This week, I’m focusing on Romance. That’s right, romance… Aka love stories. This is a very popular genre that people love to write in or give a… Read More

  Welcome to the best writing classes I know of.   Seriously.   I so wish I’d found these years ago. Perhaps I’d be way ahead of where I am now — currently nowhere — with my fiction writing.   This page contains affiliate or referral links, which means I receive a small commission if… Read More

When it comes to story ideas, there are an unlimited number strategies in coming up with them because writers are highly creative by nature. After writing one or two stories, you will naturally discover new methods to birth ideas for your subsequent stories.… Read More

How to Read Every Day

  I believe that reading daily is of utmost importance to all writers, including the busy, time-stretched writer. the importance of reading daily is multiple-fold; it helps to expand your vocabulary, it increases your understanding of the craft, and it more obviously, improves your general language. In the following article, I will explain in more… Read More

How to Make Writing a Habit

  Simply and quickly, How to Create a Daily Writing Practice:   My previous How to Make Writing a Habit post wasn’t very practical advice-rich, so I wanted to do a follow-up that focused on other practical ways to make writing a daily habit. I will walk you through the following sections to help you create… Read More

Updated: 15th August with 2017 Award details Who needs a (now) $5000 Writers Award that can be used for Anything?   I recently stumbled across this awesome award program, designed to support writers with children, which gives out a yearly award to writers and artists with children under 18 years of age. The award for… Read More

  A few weeks ago, I set myself a challenge, to write daily. And today, I want to cover in more depth the importance of developing a daily writing habit, even if it’s just a freewrite, or writing ‘practice’ pieces. In order to win, one must train. No matter what it is. Athletes train, and… Read More