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Please use these prompts as they are, or take from them, any character, setting, image, theme or plot idea, that you like, and morph it to fit your own story.


Romance is one genre that always has a lot of interest from both writers and readers. If you are into romance writing, you need to find a way to keep your write-ups fresh by continually dishing out great content and keep your readers yearning for more.

A very good way of achieving that is to throw writing prompts at yourself from time to time. For a romance novel to be good, you need a good prompt to set the pace, so here are seven romantic writing prompts that will surely get you started on the road to creating the most exciting love stories.


Romantic Writing Prompts


Prompt 1

There is a bank robbery going on and Daniel (your main character) happens to be one of the hostages tied by the robbers. The police are outside but can’t move in because of the hostages. In the heat of frustration, Daniel makes eye contact with a very attractive lady who is quietly looking for a way to escape. How did they work together to save all the hostages? Where did their relationship grow to after that?





Prompt 2

A widower is at the site of his dead wife’s grave, crying and making vows to catch her killers and make them pay. A female detective mourning her late husband at the same cemetery notices him and decides to start up a conversation.

They discover that if they both work together, both can get their revenge on those who murdered their better halves and the adventure begins. How did they end up falling in love as they work undercover to get the killers arrested?


Gravesite Prompt


Prompt 3

Think of the five worst things that could ever happen to a happy couple, now write them down. Pick the saddest of them all and begin a tragic love story.



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Prompt 4

A dying single woman, who has just three weeks left to live, asks her male doctor to discharge her so that she can spend her last days with her dog, Bruno. Out of sympathy, the handsome doctor follows her home on the first day, but for some reason, he refuses to let her be alone with Bruno. How did they end up married? Why didn’t she die after three weeks?


Dog Writing Prompt


Prompt 5

A homicide detective and his fellow police office wife happen to be working on a case where a 5-year-old was murdered in cold blood. They end up finding the killers after a lot of hard work, but it totally ruins their marriage since they lost their first and only baby to a serial killer, but couldn’t get him arrested. How do they get back together?


Police Writing Prompt


Prompt 6

A lonely 35-year-old virgin has recurring dreams of a man who marries her on her 36th birthday. This man looks exactly like her boss who unknown to her, has been having the same dream every night. How do they discover one another?


Prompt 7

An earthquake has separated two lovers and they are both at opposite ends of the world now. How do they reunite? How long does it take them?



I hope you find some inspiration or at least a few 100 words of from these romantic writing prompts.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


Happy Writing,




Romance Writing Prompts



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