Here’s another article and list of writing prompts from my freelance writer, Emily – Enjoy!


Whether you are new to fantasy or have spent years in the game, you will agree with me that at some point, you are going to need writing prompt ideas when you just can’t figure one out on your own.


Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Fantasy writing is all about taking a step out of reality and trying your creative hands on a different world that can only be limited by your imagination. These writing prompts will set the pace for you to start a very good story, you can use them in any way that seems suitable for you.


Prompt 1 – Monday

Somewhere in the planet Jupiter, there is a kingdom whose supreme leader has been usurped by some people from another planet. They banish the Queen and send her to earth where she has to live like a human for the rest of her life. After spending a few years on earth, she finally gathers an army willing to help her return home. How do they return to Jupiter and gain back the throne?



Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash



Prompt 2 – Tuesday

A poor farm boy lost his home after the death of his parents. While moving out, he finds a flute in his mother’s box with a note that reads “this flute coughs out money when played, but don’t play it until you are 25 years old.” Will the boy obey the instruction on the note? What are the consequences if he doesn’t?


Magic Flute


Prompt 3 – Wednesday

A talking tree is discovered somewhere in a poor village. Out of fear, the locals plan to cut it down with their sheriff leading the way.

On the day they all gathered to cut down the tree, they discover it can run as well. What other ability does this tree have? How do they eventually get rid of it?


Talking Tree Prompt


Prompt 4 – Thursday

A team of divers go deep into the water in search of a mythical sea creature. They didn’t find anything unusual until they reached 2000 feet into the ocean and discovered a secret village of mermaids. The divers are held captive by these mermaids who think they are spies. The only way they can go back home is to prove their innocence by leaving one man behind. How do they escape without leaving a man behind?


Mermaid Fantasy Prompt


Prompt 5 – Friday

A hungry family put so much pressure on their Dad that he decides to start robbing banks and people who walk around their street at night. One night he successfully robs a strange looking wicked old man…who later turns out to be a wizard. How does he escape the wizard’s wrath?


Wizard Writing Prompt


Prompt 6 – Saturday

A man sleeps for 72 hours and wakes up with the power to read minds, what does he do with it?




Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash


Prompt 7 – Sunday

A group of fairies are tired of watching so much violence in the city of Mobi, so they make all the inhabitants fall in love with each other with the hope of having a peaceful town, but the opposite happens. Those who already have spouses were starting fights with their partner’s new lovers, and the fairies are unable to undo the spell. How do they get back to normal?





I hope you find some inspiration from these original fantasy writing prompts. I’d love to hear how you got on with them, please leave a comment below, and I will reply as soon as I can!


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Happy Writing!




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6 comments on “7 Fantasy Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Creativity

  • Thanks for this very useful article! I love the idea from prompt 4 (Thursday) ; an underwater race against the clock style story. I think mermaids are a safe bet, but I think you could also explore a lot with a completely unknown species – that depth is so deep that it is actually plausible that there are species we don’t know of yet existing together. I think this could add a little realism to this fantasy, which is always nice (we know it is completely not true, yet we can fool ourselves into willing suspension of our disbelief a lot easier as it has some ground in reality). What do you think?

    • Hi Danny, so sorry I missed your comment! I’m glad you liked the article:)

      I love your idea of a new complexity unknown species! 

  • OK, this post was an awesome and fun distraction on a Sunday afternoon.

    I have to you find a picture and then create a fantasy prompt around it…or is it the other way around?

    I’m going to tackle the prompt about the boy and the flute! My son has been looking for a simple idea to create into a short to put on YouTube. This seems like a perfect fit.

    Thanks for jump starting the creative juices!

    • Awesome! I’m glad you liked the prompts. I actually started with the written prompt, then found a picture to go with it:) I’m actually in the process of ‘writing’ a post with just images as the writing prompts. Thanks for reminding me – I should get it finished and published:)

      Thanks for reading! Happy Writing – E

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