Judy Blume is an inspiring writer, and thousands of new writers aspire to be like her. Luckily for us, a while ago she joined other legends in the literary world who organize writing classes. Judy’s lessons from MasterClass are for beginners and all writers hoping to perfect their writing skills.

The following article review’s Judy Blume’s MasterClass; so, if you are looking to sign up for this talented woman’s class but want to know what to expect beforehand, then keep reading.


Judy Blume MasterClass Review


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Course Summary

  • Course: Judy Blume Teaches Writing (MasterClass)
  • Who’s it For? Beginners through to all levels. Particularly great for writers of children’s books
  • Cost: US$90 for the single class or All Access Pass $180 per year (free 7-day trial with All Access Pass)
  • Duration: 24 Lessons (>5 hours)
  • Community: Able to ask Judy questions, and get answers (within office hours). Some critiques available
  • Guarantee: 30 Days Full Refund. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Rating: 9/10



If you are interested in purchasing this course, please remember that for only $180 per year, you can get the All Access Pass, and get the other excellent writing courses by James Patterson, R.L. Stine, Aaron Sorkin, and the recently added Margaret Atwood MasterClass.


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So Who is Judy Blume?

Not everyone knows Judy Blume, but every writer who writes books for young ones or children definitely need to learn at her feet. Also, anyone interested in being a writer for young people should definitely think about taking her MasterClass.

Judy has authored a number of books which include; ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing,’ ‘Tiger Eyes,’ ‘Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret,’ ‘In the Unlikely Event,‘It’s Not the End of the World,’ ‘Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson,’ ‘Smart Women,’ ‘Wifey,’ and many more riveting stories.


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret and a couple of her other books were some of my first books read as a child, and they still linger in my mind today. She has a touching, resonating voice, which truly reaches into the souls of children.




What You Get…

Anyone who wants to be a part of Judy Blume’s MasterClass would have to pay the sum of $90. This is fair enough, to be honest. Not only is this woman an authority in her field, but her teachings are also very straightforward, and the classes are divided into twenty-four different parts for easier understanding.

The MasterClass is taken online in video format. The lessons are divided into 24 parts and for a good reason; every word she says needs to sink in. Therefore, after each lesson, you can take your time to understand it before the next class. Each video lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. Altogether, the MasterClass is just over five hours.

The lessons are not all you will get. Apart from the invaluable lessons, there is a student community online, and anyone who pays for the MasterClass has access to this community, where discussions pertaining writing are held, in addition to related exercises which help the lessons stick.

Each student also gets lots of homework in a downloadable workbook to practice with.

What’s more, as a student of Judy’s MasterClass, you will be able to ask her questions during her office hours and have them answered. Judy will also critique select student’s work.


Taking it Slow

To be fair, $90 is nothing compared to the knowledge that Judy impacts. Her videos and course outline are very professional and understandable.  It is very tempting to want to suck in all that knowledge at once. But as with unwrapping a gift, it is advisable to take it slow, and you will still see what is behind the wrapping paper; there is no need to rush.

Taking it slow means that you would be able to really sink those lessons deep into your memory and let them get stuck in your mind. Remember that these lessons were gotten over decades of learning and unlearning, so it is only reasonable that they get disseminated bit by bit.

It is also advisable that you get a notebook and pen before each lesson and jot down very important stuff as she speaks, especially things you do not want to forget.


What You’ll Be Learning

If you are a beginner writer, you do not want to miss this rare opportunity to learn from Judy first-hand. You might be wondering “why this course?” The answer is simple. Judy Blume’s classes are structured in such a way that even the writer who has no clue how to start their book would learn how to breathe life into blank pages.

In the Introductory Class, Judy gives her students a glimpse of what her childhood was like; then she progresses to talking about how to gather ideas on storytelling, before teaching the art of writing stories for children and young people.


She breaks down the fundamentals of how to write, within the following categories  Process, Story, Voice, Editing, Dialogue, and Character:


She talks about how to go about crafting an interesting plot, one factor that gives many writers sleepless nights.


Judy also shares in-depth knowledge of writing dialogue that would keep readers spellbound and make writers’ books intriguing.


She does not stop at sharing knowledge; she gives a step by step description of the processes involved when she wants to write. In addition, students will be taught how to go about the submission of drafts and manuscripts. They would be told the things to look out for before hiring an editor.


Rejection is one thing writer’s dread, but unfortunately, almost every writer would experience it at some point. So Judy teaches how to handle it and come out stronger. Another thing some writers could experience is scandals or controversy. Judy covers that base in her MasterClass too.


She also talks about censorship, getting books into the market, creating unique designs for book covers and so much more.



Judy in the course of an interview said, “Keep writing! Don’t let anyone ever discourage you. Just keep on going, because you can’t help yourself. You have to write. No one chooses to become a writer. You write because you can’t not write.” And she lives that mantra. She wants her students to live that mantra. It shows in the way she teaches. Judy Blume leaves no stone unturned as she dissects every aspect of writing, from start to finish.


Writing For Children, and All Genres…

Despite the fact that Judy Blume’s audience is mostly young people, her writing lessons cover all genres. This means that whether you write mystery, thriller, suspense, romance, for the old or for in-betweeners, this MasterClass is for you.


Can This Class Really Help You, The Beginner?

It is necessary to note that ‘beginners’ in the context of this article, does not mean someone who has not written something as simple as a short story before.  A beginner here means a writer who has never published a story before or one who has bits and pieces of unfinished stories stored in their drawers because they got stuck.


Getting In Touch With The Younger You

One other fundamental lesson that Judy teaches is how to get in touch the younger you. This is something else that sets her apart from her counterparts. She becomes the characters in every one of her books. Her book, ‘Forever’ would make anyone reading it believe that it was written by a teenager. ‘Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret’ would fool a reader into thinking that it was written by a twelve-year-old. The same applies to all her stories.




According to her, “We’re not an adult telling children a story about being a kid. We are that kid.”


She said that the voice she uses is that of ‘the kid,’ which means that she does not look down on her characters nor talk to them like an adult.  This statement makes a lot of sense because when a writer’s targeted audience is reading their story, they ought to be able to relate to the characters.


There are questions and exercises on how to get in touch with the younger you. And those that cannot do so do not need to worry; Judy suggests different methods for being the kid, as a writer for young people. Of course, writers for different genres can apply these suggestions to their kind of writing.



Is It Worth It?

This review just touches the surface of what Judy Blume’s MasterClass really has to offer. You really just have to see for yourself, and thankfully, MasterClass has a full 30-day refund, so it’s pretty much risk-free 🙂

Judy’s class is a must-watch for every writer who wants to leave a mark and especially for those writers of children fiction.

We rate Judy’s MasterClass at 9 out of 10 for this reason,  and for all the inspiration and drive she delivers to you through the course.


**Don’t forget that if you’re interested in this course, you may like other writing classes from MasterClass, making the All Access Pass definitely worth the cost. You also get to try it out for 7 days FREE.


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I’d love to hear your thoughts on Judy Blume’s MasterClass if you’ve taken it, or are thinking about – please drop me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Happy Writing,




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6 comments on “The Ultimate Judy Blume MasterClass Review

  • Thank you for the article, Erica! It was very informative. I have been wanting to write a sort of fantasy book akin to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, but am not that confident in my skills. Do think this course is right for me or should I look for another teacher? Also, why should I choose Masterclass over something like Udemy?

    • Hi Adam, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you liked the article. Judy Blume’s course is excellent, but perhaps you’d be better suited to another teacher, maybe a writer who favours fantasy. If I was you, I’d start with the upcoming Margaret Atwood MasterClass, and then go from there. Perhaps even thinking about getting the All Class Pass, which has the free week trial, to see if it’s for you.

      For an alternative writing course, I’d recommend Holly’s Writing Classes. She has an excellent writing career course that’s designed to give you the tools and the confidence. Check out her free writing class to get started 🙂

      I’ve completed a few Udemy classes, but I haven’t found one that I’d want to recommend yet.

      Best of luck with your novel – let us know which course you go for in the end?


  • I read many of Judy Blume’s children’s books when I was a child and loved them. I am curious to know what she would say as a teacher. I have been working on a novel that is somewhere between science-fiction and fantasy. It not a child’s book although there are some child characters in it. I am having some struggles developing a good villain. It would be good to get support from other students.

    • You should check out Holly Lisle’s courses too. She has a great free flash fiction writing class, and once you sign up for her classes, you have access to her forums, where you have Lots of support from other writers. And Holly just created a How to Write Villains course – which might be perfect for you:)

      Thanks for reading and best of luck with your novel! Erica

  • Hello Erica! Ok, this was a great blog post with a lot of useful information. I really got a lot out of your writing and I could see that you REALLY enjoyed this product and that you had such an interest in helping the readers; that is quite enlightening. Might this course also apply to bloggers as well?

    • Hi Evan, I’m glad you liked the review. This course is actually more geared at fiction writers – sorry!

      Thanks for reading, Erica

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