There are a lot of good journal and personal writing prompt articles and books out there, and this week, I wanted to create my own list of personal writing prompts which I think are thought-provoking, and will hopefully invoke some interesting ideas. Here follows my list of personal writing prompts for the coming week. I hope you like them.


Take 10 or 15 minutes, or whatever time you have and write to the following prompts. Use them as a starting point, and try not to self-analyze too much. If the material is too sensitive for you, feel free to tailor it to whatever you like. As always, take what you want from the prompts, and use them as you will… Good luck.

If these prompts aren’t to your liking, please check out some of my other weekly prompt posts here 🙂



Prompt 1 – Monday

How did you feel about your first kiss? Was it what you expected?



Prompt 2 – Tuesday

What was your childhood like? Pick a moment you remember well and retell it.


Prompt 3 – Wednesday

Retell this childhood moment again, but this time, change the point of view, tense and sex of the protagonist. Insert a “what if…” moment. What if… this happened… or this had happened…  Tell this new story.


Prompt 4 – Thursday

Do you remember your first heartbreak? Take us back to that time. Tell us that story.


Prompt 5 – Friday

What about something evil or bad you might have done, in your lifetime…. Did you ever do something in your past, which you regret now? Take us there, retell it, or change the protagonist and the details to make it more of a short story, and less personal, if you so wish.


Prompt 6 Saturday

What do you love most in the world? Describe it.

What would life be like, if you lost it?


Prompt 7 Sunday

What does future you do for fun? Where are you? Who are you with? Create a scene based on this scenario.



I hope you find some inspiration from these personal writing prompts. These could also be used for personal journal writing as well – use them, however you like:)


If you would like to share your experience in using these prompts or other personal prompts, please feel free to do so below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



Happy Writing,







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