I started my daily writing habit a week and a half ago with my seven days of prompts, and have since kept it going (minus two overwhelming days, where I needed to take a day nap instead:/), so I wanted to post an update, and give myself and you, a new goal or challenge.


Writing Daily

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Once you have completed seven days of writing, the next step is going for another 30 days of writing in a row. And the following step is committing to another month of writing daily, bringing us to a total of approximately 66 days.


It takes over 2 months to cement a habit for most people (it can take up to 8 months for some) and hopefully after this period of time, our bodies and brain, will instinctively want to sit down and write, and it won’t be as tough anymore…still tough though…but not as bad. We are changing our habits, and telling our bodies and minds, this is who we are, and what we must do each day, in order to thrive.


So, here’s to another 4 weeks of writing every day… I hope you will join me.


I will also post a short list of prompts each week, to help you, (and myself) get going.

Use these, or don’t… they are only here to help, inspire and most importantly, remind us to honour our daily writing commitment 🙂


I would love to hear about your own daily writing journey, and any goals you may have set yourself, and how it’s all going. Please feel free to comment below.


Happy writing 🙂




Reference: Phillippa Lally’s study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology via James Clear’s blog post  How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? (Backed by Science)


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