Another short post today, as I wanted to quickly get out a list of writing prompts for the week, as I mentioned in a recent post about Creating a Daily Writing Habit.


I want to provide a list of writing prompts for each week from here on out, to help you on your commitment to daily writing, and help you to fulfil that urge to write.


Even 10 minutes of writing a day is something. Or even 5 minutes…


Set a time limit. Commit to it. Show up and write.


Here is this week’s list, which includes some open, free keyword-type prompts, and also some more constraining-type prompts. I do tend to like the more tightly constrained types. It’s almost as if there’s a tinge of reverse psychology at play…

Just try to ‘write a scene where no one speaks”…. a prompt might dictate….this just makes me think… “Alright, let’s do it, let’s go!” And if it doesn’t work, then I just keep writing whatever’s in my head, and it doesn’t matter anyway. In the end, I showed up, and wrote for my 10 minutes; and that’s what counts.


Yesterday, I ended up writing some weird limerick-type poem. It came out of nowhere, but was so much fun, even though I know it was full of clichés and terrible rhymes and was overall pretty downright awful. It was so cool to write it though and makes me smile just thinking about it.


So, to this week’s prompts…


Open ‘Keyword-type’ Prompts:

  1. Chimera, Boyfriend and Journey
  2. Achievement, Pilgrim and Climax
  3. Invisible, Flowers and Obsession


A Line from a Novel – Prompt:

  1. “It was love at first sight.” If somewhat clichéd; this is the first line from a favourite of mine, “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller.


Constraint-Type Prompts:

  1. Write a limerick about your favourite deceased pet.
  2. Who is your favourite villain (from film, television or literature) and why? Write what happens when your villain finds out his/her mother has just died.
  3. Write a scene without using the letter “e”.



Resources for the Prompts:

Prompts 1-3 were random words taken from books I had laying around nearby;)

Prompt 4 – A direct quote from Catch 22, by Joseph Heller – the first line, of the first page, of the first chapter 🙂

Prompts 5-7 –  Ideas I had from my last freewriting session. Writing without using a particular letter is also a common constraint used by writers.


I hope you find these prompts as stimulating and as fun as I did when creating them.


Please feel free to share below, your experiences, and any thoughts on this week’s prompts. Do you have any fun prompts that worked for you this week? What sort of prompts do you like to use?


Till next time,



Happy Writing 😉




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