Are You Into Comedy Writing?

Comic writing is basically a combination of your good sense of humour and your writing skills, and it is not so hard if you can successfully sync the two factors.


Though writing comedy can be fun, sometimes it is quite a task to get your head around any good story idea, which is why I am giving you this list of comic ideas that will birth stories sure to fill your readers with laughter.

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Have it in mind that just like all good stories, a comedy must have suspense and thrill, it isn’t all about the laughter, humour is just what distinguishes it from other niches.





So set these ideas on fire by employing your creativity and amazing sense of humour:

  • The biggest talent hunt show in the country is barely two weeks away and a hungry set of amateur performers decide to enrol for the contest, hoping they could win the star prize of 100,000 dollars and a record deal.


  • An up and coming pop singer visits the United States and organizes a show in which he impersonates the legendary Michael Jackson. By moonwalking and antigravity dance steps, he thrills fans so well that they completely believe the late king of pop has returned from the dead. Unknown to the up and coming singer, a secret cult dedicated to the late king of pop had streamed his performance. Now, he has to head that cult by actually being who he impersonated.


  • A heartbroken jilted lover decides to leave the city and move far away to get over her failed relationship. She has hardly spent a week in this new city when she learns via social media that her old flame is about to wed. Fueled by jealousy, she flies back to her former residence and carries out insanely hilarious moves to stop the wedding.


  • In high school, a shy overweight nerd is convinced by friends that he could win the love of the President’s daughter and get rich and famous. So he starts looking for ways to cajole her into breaking up with her supermodel boyfriend to create ‘vacancy’ for him to win her for himself and become the President’s son-in-law.


  • With the hope of triggering a divorce, a woman who is tired of her marriage confidently tells her husband about another man she has fallen in love with. To her surprise, the husband refuses a divorce and asks her to bring in the other man to live with them for a month, after which she can continue with the divorce if she still wants it. She agrees, the other man moves in and both men have an epic rivalry.



  • A little boy makes a snowman that shockingly comes to life and speaks to him, begging him to keep it as a pet. So he finds a way to sneak this creature home and writes a list of instructions it must follow to avoid getting kicked out. The snow creature reads it and pledges to be good…a promise it couldn’t keep as the boy constantly got into trouble because of the snowman’s stubbornness.



I hope you find some inspiration from these comedy story ideas. I’d love to hear how you got along, or if you have any questions, please leave them below. I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Happy Writing 🙂



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