I am inspired by all these bullet journals spreads and writing challenges. Everyone loves a good bullet journal spread, and most writers love a good writing prompt, and we all seem to love these 30-Day Challenges…

Well, I want to set a new challenge for myself and it combines my new love of bullet journalling and writing prompts into a 30-Day Writing Challenge; a type of cross between a Morning Pages and Writing Prompt Challenge.


BW 30 Day Writing Challenge AUGUST


The Busy Writer’s 30 Day Writing Challenge For August

Following in the tracks of #listersgottalist (The Reset Girl), and the Boho Berry Challenge,  I will give you (and myself) a list of writing prompts, which are then to be used in one page (or more) of your journal, notebook, or bullet journal; a prompt which will give you a beautiful page in your BuJo and provide some words to add your daily word count.


I know I’ve admitted at my resistance to writing sometimes, and this is my way out of it — this time — a beautiful BuJo way to get some bloody words down even if it kills me, plus with pretty pens and colours and stuff:)

I will post my results to Instagram and Pinterest, so I am being held accountable. And I’m hoping you might join me:) Let’s see if this takes off, hey?!


If you do join in, use #BWriterChallenge in Instagram and Pinterest, so I can see what you’re up to.



A Bit of Background on Morning Pages:

Morning Pages was made popular by author and artist Julia Cameron in her popular book The Artist’s Way. It’s the writing of 3 pages of your notebook, first thing in the morning, in a stream of consciousness style. Cameron also discusses it in her recommended book: The Right to Write (affiliate link btw).

Technically, this writing prompt challenge doesn’t follow the ‘Morning Pages’ format or rules. The Morning Pages influence here, is the idea of writing every day, one to three pages, or however many you want. It is about writing every day; making creative writing and “Everyday” habit or ritual.

I used to practice Julia’s Morning Pages religiously and filled up many a notebook. But I think daily writing to a creative prompt is better for me.

So, I create this list, firstly for myself, and if you also happen to like them, then I’m creating them for you also 🙂


August Prompts:

Since it is August and the 5th, I’m starting from August 1, with a few days to catch up on, and you’ll get those in the next few days) And since it’s August, and I just love my fairy tales, this month’s prompts are going to be focused around fairy tales, mythology and my favourite Celtic legends.


Now some of these prompts are names of known fairy tales which may be familiar to you. I picked some of them, especially because they Were Not familiar to me. But even if they are to you; brainstorm around these prompts, see what you come up with, or go for a straight up free-write. I’d love to see what you come up with.


And they are short — to give you a nice heading for the centre of your BuJo page to write around… I’m going for something like this:


The Busy Writer’s 30 Day Writing Challenge For August


BW 30 Day Writing Challenge AUGUST


And a list for good measure, with a few extra details, and two extra prompts, bringing it to a total of 32 Prompts for August:


  1. The God of Light, Lúgh from Celtic Mythology, and his many marriages…
  2. Following The Rainbow
  3. Augustus
  4. The Empty Harvest
  5. Irish Wake-Games
  6. The Abduction of a Voter
  7. Grandiose
  8. The Adventures of Leithin
  9. The Angelus
  10. Lowborn
  11. The Apprentice Thief
  12. The Bad Stepmother or vice versa: The Bad Stepfather or The Nice Stepmother…
  13. Venerable Sage
  14. The Banshee
  15. Beauty of the World
  16. Bewitched Butter
  17. The Bird of the Golden Land
  18. The Black Book
  19. The Baron
  20. High-minded Evil Mentor
  21. Highfalutin
  22. Pompous Puppet Master
  23. The Dullest Star
  24. A Tall tale
  25. Duplicitous
  26. Wicked Witch
  27. Eavesdropping Interloper
  28. Lovesick Ghost
  29. Prisoner
  30. Clone
  31. The Chosen One
  32. A Conflict With a God



Post your results below, or let me know how you go on social media. You can also use the hashtag #BWriterChallenge in Instagram and Pinterest to see my own prompts and how others are going.


Happy Writing!




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2 comments on “The Busy Writer 30 Day Writing Challenge: August

  • I love these ideas for writing! I own a private tutoring company, and there are times when I can’t get my students to write anything. I’ve used something similar to this to “unblock” their minds to get their ideas flowing!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration and ideas to get me motivated to write again!

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