This week I wanted to give you a set of Halloween Writing Prompts to inspire some spooky stories for this month, considering there are a few Halloween themed writing competition’s around.

I was hoping to provide you with some original writing prompts, but I have to admit, that after much brainstorming, horror type prompts are just not my thing. So instead, I will provide you with a list of unoriginal prompts and their sources. I hope you find some inspiration within.


How to Use these Prompts:

Use these prompts as you will. Take what you like, and discard what you don’t. Set a timer or 10-15 minutes and write whatever comes….


Prompt 1 – Monday

Using the Brainstormer app, take these three words/ideas/images to create a Halloween short story:

Abduction, Priest, and Small Town.



Prompt 2 – Tuesday

Bryn Donovan provides a whole lot of lists and prompts and her addictive website, including this list of 50 Spooky Writing Prompts. I particularly like #9:

An individual begins seeing and hearing from someone who looks just like her – and learns she had a twin who died at birth.


Prompt 3 – Wednesday

Another good one from Bryn Donavon:

A young woman is impregnated by her handsome new boyfriend, who turns out to be something other than human.


Prompt 4 – Thursday

This is a fun little list from Letterpile, with quite a few good horror writing prompts. My favourite is:

An old serial killer is suffering from the equivalent of writer’s block and has not killed in three years . . . until he reads an article about horror story ideas.


Prompt 5 – Friday

Also sourced from Letterpile:

A woman is overcome with the need to dig a hole in a particular spot on her lawn. After digging 30 feet down, she finds something: a doorknob and a door.


Halloween Writing Prompts

Source: Pixabay, Simonwijers


Prompt 6 – Saturday

Pinterest is a great resource for any genre writing prompts, horror story prompts included. You can find dozens of great images and prompts if you go into Pinterest and search for scary or horror writing prompts…. including, this great one, which I found:

Use the first line of a nursery rhyme as the first line of a dark narrative.

and this one, also from Pinterest (original source:  Reddit):

A serial killer becomes a licensed pyschologist and and kills his victims by slowly getting them to consider suicide.


Prompt 7 – Sunday

And, alright, one of my own prompts –  let me know what you think:)


You wake up to find all the humans in the world replaced with cats. You are still human, however, and they hate humans.


I hope you find some inspiration or at least a few 100 words from these Halloween Writing Prompts. If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will reply as soon as I can!


Happy Writing,




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4 comments on “7 Halloween Writing Prompts to Ignite Your Writing

  • Brainstormer app looks fantastic!! Probably what every stuck writer needs.

    50 Spooky Writing Prompts also sounds fantastic and her blog of Bryn Donovan is actually pretty addictive.

    And your own prompt about cats and humans got me 😀 I couldn’t imagine a world where cats trying to hunt you down.

    • Hi Tyler, thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. The Brainstormer app is fantastic! It’s been a favourite of mine for a few years. It’s especially helpful if you’re into more genre-type writing, especially fantasy. Bryn’s blog is awesome, I agree:) And thanks for your comment about my prompt:) You’ve made my day. Best of luck with your writing, Erica

  • I write a blog and I came across your article just in time for a dark and spooky post I’m just starting to write. Great timing and your prompt suggestions are really helpful.I like the fact that you recommend allowing 10-15 minutes per prompt which is very doable. I totally get what you mean abut writing spooky content not really being your thing – not mine either – but tis the season to write that Halloween post:)

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